Heat in our house we granted. But we are not usually realize that natural gas conversion into heat is associated with permanent damage to our environment. The combustion of these fuels are harmful gases such as CO2. This gas is the cause of global warming.

In addition, the availability of natural gas and fossil fuels under pressure. The worldwide demand for fuel is very high so prices have risen. Because our gas rapidly running out, the Dutch under construction include the second Maasvlakte will be used for the supply and distribution of natural gas from abroad. The construction of special terminals and high feed costs, the cost of gas is expected to grow explosively. Analysts expect the cost of energy in the Netherlands, and probably in many other countries in Europe, the average mortgage amount will equal or even exceed.

Geothermal heat can be converted into heat through a heat pump. The game can be used for geothermal heating and replaces almost entirely the use of fossil fuels. Geothermal is a renewable energy source as seen, for the supply is inexhaustible. To take advantage of the geothermal aquifer is a must. In the Netherlands this aquifer almost everywhere. The average temperature of the aquifer is about 70mtr to about 10 ° to 12 ° degrees. The gas used for heating can be reduced to 0. This contrasts with the slightly higher electricity used to power the heat pump.