Geothex® Drilling Technique

Boreholes need to be drilled for geothermal energy sources. It is a well-known fact that drilling through soil strata can be detrimental to soil structure. The new Geothex® system provides improved thermal efficiency meaning that the GTHE can be positioned several tens of metres shallower than other systems, thus reducing the impact of drilling operations on soil structure.

Geothex® has developed a special-purpose drilling technique for installing its GTHEs. Drilling is carried out using encased drilling techniques. Hollow drill strings are used to drill the borehole after which the Geothex® GTHE is inserted internally through the drill string. In this way, the chance of external damage to the GTHE is virtually negligible. Once positioned, the drill string is then retracted while the GTHE remains in place in the borehole. The minimum required borehole is then filled in, while retracting the drill string, using a sealant (heat-conducting grout) around the GTHE. This new drilling technique complies fully with new regulations effective as of 01 January 2011.