The patented Geothex® geothermal turbulent heat exchanger (GTHE) is a closed-loop source system using water as a potential medium. The system is placed between twenty and one hundred metres below the ground and is connected to a heat pump via a distributor. The GTHE extracts heat energy that is then made available to homes or buildings via a water pump. This requires relatively low electrical power levels.

The Geothex® GTHE is highly innovative and differs from other systems by virtue of its extremely high efficiency per installed metre. This high efficiency is partly due to the insulated segregation of supply and return lines by means of a foam tube with helical vanes (see figure). These vanes cause the fluid flow to become turbulent, thus establishing optimal conditions for the heat exchange process.

Geothex® also has several other advantages over existing ground source heat exchangers (GSHEs). Its high thermal efficiency means that the Geothex® system does not have to be placed as deep underground. This means that fewer strata need to be drilled, thus reducing the risk of groundwater contamination considerably. Geothex® also operates without the need for any anti-freeze to be mixed with the water. This means that in the event of an unforeseen incident, no harmful contamination can occur using the Geothex® system.